Photo of Andrei Drabovich

Andrei Drabovich, PhD

Director, Andrology Research

Dr. Andrei Drabovich received his PhD in biochemistry from York University, Toronto in 2008. After graduation, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical proteomics at Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto. His research interests focused on applications of quantitative proteomics and mass spectrometry to biomarker discovery and mechanisms of diseases. Specific clinical areas of interest included diagnostics of prostate cancer and male infertility. Years of his research resulted in the discovery of TEX101 protein as a male infertility biomarker (Science Translational Medicine 2013, 5, 212ra160).

Dr. Drabovich’s work is well recognized internationally, with numerous talks at the meetings of the Human Proteome Organisation, Canadian National Proteomics Network and American Urological Association. His contributions to clinical proteomics and biomarker discovery were recognized by 2014 Grannis Award from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, 2015 Movember Rising Star in Prostate Cancer Research grant, as well as national post-doctoral fellowships from NSERC and CIHR. His research productivity is best illustrated by more than 30 peer-reviewed papers including publications in high-impact journals Science Translational Medicine, Nature Reviews Urology, BMC Medicine and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. Dr. Drabovich is an active member of the Human Proteome Organisation and serves on the editorial board for the journal Clinical Proteomics.

As CReATe’s Director of Andrology Research, Dr. Drabovich is leading projects on male reproductive biology and diagnostics of idiopathic male infertility using cutting-age proteomic and proteogenomic technologies.