The CReATe Research Program

The CReATe Research Program was founded by Dr Clifford Librach in 2007 to increase clinical and basic reproductive biology research aimed at addressing important problems encountered daily in the fertility clinic, and improve care for people with infertility and other reproductive challenges.

The CReATe Research Program is uniquely situated within the CReATe Fertility Centre, enabling the conduct of research using clinical data and biological waste material donated for research following clinical procedures.

In addition to research in human reproduction and infertility, the program also includes research in stem cell biology and is home to the CReATe Biobank, an archive of reproductive biological materials donated for research to enable high-impact studies in human reproduction.


Initiation of the CReATe Research Program as part of the CReATe Fertility Centre


Initiation of training programs


Construction of designated basic research lab facility


Initiation of the CReATe Biobank


Expansion of basic research facilities

25+ collaborations with scientists worldwide

6000 sq ft research facility

30+ full-time researchers

90+ research publications

Our mission

We approach current challenges in reproductive and regenerative medicine by embracing the multidisciplinary and diverse expertise, skills and perspectives of our team of researchers, care providers and collaborators; and by following ethical and best laboratory practices. Through this unique opportunity, we are committed to advancing the field of reproductive biology and stem cell biology research; to training the next generation of scientists; and ultimately to developing innovative health care options for patients in our community and worldwide.

Funded in part by:

AMO Innovation Fund
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
EMD Serono
Government of Canada
Ontario Centres of Excellence
PSI Foundation
Weston Brain Institute