Biological Waste Materials

The CreATe Biobank collects the following samples:

  • Seminal fluid (after sperm wash)
  • Excess seminal samples (after diagnostic tests, IVF or upon termination of storage)
  • IVF retrieval waste material (follicular fluid, granulosa cells, cumulus cells, GV oocytes, oocytes that failed to fertilize)
  • Arrested embryos, aneuploidy embryos, normal embryos donated by patients upon termination of storage
  • Trophectoderm (TE) biopsy-derived amplified embryonic genomic DNA
  • Blastocoele fluid
  • Embryo culture media
  • Testicular tissue (microTESE, orchiectomy)
  • Endometrial cells
  • Serum/Urine

Potential donors can select any or all the above to donate to the Biobank.

The Biobank team processes your sample, stores the sample and provides quality control.