Participating in our Research

Patients at the CReATe Fertility Centre can participate in our research. Patients who wish to participate in a research study need to provide informed consent, meaning that they have received enough information to understand how their donated waste biological material or clinical data could be used in a research project, and have signed a consent form indicating agreement to participate in research projects.

If you are a patient at CReATe and would like to donate your waste material for research or would like to participate in a specific research study, return the signed consent form (found in your welcome package) to your nurse or doctor or ask your care team to introduce you to our research coordinator

Results and Publications

Because our studies are anonymized, the results from a specific patient’s samples cannot be communicated to an individual patient. However, if a doctor feels the results can impact the treatment course outcome or reproductive choices of a patient, in this case the doctor alone could access the code key to retrace the information to a specific patient chart.

Results of completed studies are typically shared with the medical and research community through presentations at local, national and international conferences or through publication in medical and scientific journals. All published material is available to patients upon request or it may be found on the internet. No patient-identifying information will be published; samples are coded and de-identified prior to analysis.

How to Learn More About our Research Studies

For more information, browse our research studies. You can also speak to your nurse or doctor, who would be happy to tell you more about the process of participating in research. They may put you in touch with one of our researchers or our research coordinator for you to discuss ongoing and planned research at CReATe. You can also contact us here.