Photo of Andrée Gauthier-Fisher

Andrée Gauthier-Fisher, PhD

Research Scientist, Director, Research Programs and Stem Cell Research

Andrée joined the CReATe research team in 2010 as the Director of Stem Cell Research, and established teams to investigate the potential of human umbilical cord perivascular cells for regenerative therapy, focusing largely on cardiovascular, neurovascular as well as reproductive medicine applications. She currently leads a team investigating stem cell-based strategies for male and female fertility preservation, collaborates on multiple basic research projects in embryology, ovarian biology, andrology as well clinical research, and coordinates research training, outreach and capacity building programs at CReATe. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Toronto in 2009, where she studied the molecular mechanisms that regulate how stem cells generate neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes (the three main cell types in the brain) during fetal brain development, and how perturbations in these early events can lead to neurological and cognitive dysfunction later in life. In her ensuing postdoctoral studies at the Hospital for Sick Children, she investigated molecular mechanisms that promote the maintenance of neural stem cells from embryogenesis to adulthood.