Photo of Rina Abramov, Supervisor, Clinical Genetics

Rina Abramov, MSc

Supervisor, Clinical Genetics

Photo of Ran Antes, Supervisor, Clinical IVF Genetics Research

Ran Antes, PhD

Supervisor, Clinical IVF Genetics Research

Photo of Evelyn Chea, Research Program Manager

Evelyn Chea, MSc

Research Program Manager

Photo of Siwei Chen, Senior Technician, Genetics Lab

Siwei Chen, MSc

Senior Technician, Genetics Lab

Photo of Malaika Gomes, Biobank

Malaika Gomes, MSc


Photo of Lianet Lopez, Lab Manager, Research Technician

Lianet Lopez, MSc

Lab Manager, Research Technician

Lianet completed a Pharmacology degree at University Ignacio Agramonte in Camaguey, Cuba in 1996 and a Master’s degree in Toxicology at the Center of Epidemiology in 1998. Her employment at the University of Toronto in 2004 led to the development of a particular interest for biomolecular research focusing on proteins interactions at all levels of cellular function and their role in disease. She joined the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) in 2010, where she developed an expertise in the use of various primary tissue culture and rodent models to study lung growth, injury and repair. Lianet joined the CReATe team in March 2016. She is conducting experiments using cell culture and in vivo models to study the protective effects of human umbilical cord-derived perivascular cells (HUCPVC) in chemotherapeutic-induced models of testicular and ovarian failure. In addition, she is characterizing the extracellular vesicles released from HUCPVCs in culture to better understand how HUCPVCs promote regeneration in various models and to develop novel cell-free therapies.

Photo of Mitko Madjunkov, Fellow

Mitko Madjunkov, MD


Photo of Poonam Mander, Technician, Cardiac Research

Poonam Mander, MSc

Technician, Cardiac Research

Photo of Zeinab Sadrosadat, Biobank

Zeinab Sadrosadat, MSc


Photo of Fyyaz Siddiqui, Associate Director, Neurovascular Regeneration and Immunomodulation Research Program

Fyyaz Siddiqui, MSc

Associate Director, Neurovascular Regeneration and Immunomodulation Research Program

Fyyaz Siddiqui holds Master’s degrees in Medical Biophysics (UWO, Canada) and Organic Chemistry (AMU, India) and a diploma in Pharmaceutical QA/Development (TIPT, Canada). Before joining Create in 2016, he worked in many departments of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario. He also served as an honorary Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT, India) and Faculty of Chemistry (Osmania University, India). His research experiences at different academic institutions is augmented by his experience working with various pharma and biotech industries in Canada and USA. Some of his notable research findings include his pioneering work in the discovery of decorin as a novel blood biomarker in preeclampsia (Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2016), mainly involving the development of S35-radioprobes for in situ hybridization on human placental tissues and ELISA on clinical plasma samples; identification of key amino acid residues in C-tail of Cx40, a gap junction protein targeted in sepsis (J Vasc Res, 2015), by employing electrophysiology and adenoviral infection techniques in the assessment of inter-endothelial electrical resistivity; investigation of S100 family of genes implicated in abnormal epidermal differentiation in psoriasis, involving mice epidermis / keratinocyte culture and qPCR; development of inorganic clays as a catalyst for organic conversions applied in petroleum cracking (Tetra Lett, 1997) by using H-montmorillonite in converting alcohols to olefins; etc. Fyyaz joined the Neurovascular Regeneration Research Group at CReaTe in 2016, and while working on multiple stress-related behavior models in animals, his research activities focus on investigating the novel therapeutic effects of human umbilical cord stem cells in various pre-clinical models of neurological disorders.

Photo of Justin Tan, Research fellow

Justin Tan, PhD

Research fellow

Photo of Dr. Noga Weizman, Researcher

Dr. Noga Weizman, MD


Photo of Sydney Wells, Biobank

Sydney Wells, BSc


Photo of Junyan Zhang, Technician, Andrology Research

Junyan Zhang, MSc

Technician, Andrology Research