Photo of Shilini Hemalal, MSc Candidate, Psychosocial Research

Shilini Hemalal, BSc

MSc Candidate, Psychosocial Research

Shilini completed her Bachelor of Arts and Science in April 2017 at the University of Guelph, where she studied Family and Child Studies and Biology. Shilini is now completing her Master of Science through the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. She joined CReATE in September 2017 and is working with Dr. Librach and the Psychosocial Research Department to complete her research thesis work. Her interest lies in understanding the interdisciplinary and integrated nature of health care, specifically how overall health and wellbeing is influenced by other aspects of life. With this, her thesis work aims to understand the Facilitators of and Barriers to Accessing Reproductive Care for Same-Sex Male Couples and Single Men. Her hope is that research such as this will help inform health care practitioners and clinics as to how they can best meet the needs of their patients, as well as reduce disparities that may exist in accessing care.

Photo of Pamela Kurjanowicz, PhD Candidate, Andrology Research

Pamela Kurjanowicz, BSc

PhD Candidate, Andrology Research

Photo of Tina Tu-Thu Ngoc Nguyen, PhD Candidate, Embryology & Implantation Biology Research

Tina Tu-Thu Ngoc Nguyen, MSc

PhD Candidate, Embryology & Implantation Biology Research

Tina graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto with specialization in Immunology and Human Biology. She then completed her Master of Science degree in Reproductive Physiology at the University of Toronto with Dr. Stephen Lye at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI) of Mount Sinai Hospital, Sinai Health System, Toronto, Ontario. Her MSc research-based thesis was focused on investigating and characterizing the role of myometrial matrix metalloproteinases in regulating the transition from quiescent pregnancy to term labour and postpartum uterine involution. After obtaining her degree, she continued to work as a research assistant for Dr. Stephen Lye and as a clinical research assistant for the Research Centre for Women’s and Infants’ Health (Placenta) BioBank at the LTRI. She has over 5 years of research experience in the fields of molecular biology, reproductive physiology, and clinical research. Tina joined the CReATe Research team as a PhD candidate in September 2017 and her research is focused on comparing and characterizing the endometrial receptive status of women suffering from Recurrent Implantation Failure or with a thin and unreceptive endometrium. Ultimately, she hopes to develop potential therapies aimed at increasing endometrial receptivity and embryo implantation success in women with implantation failure.